Hip Hop Day

Mayor Greg Stanton of Phoenix, Arizona proclaimed Hip Hop Day to land on the second Saturday in November of every year.

“I am a fan of the art form and I love hip hop music myself. I love the way that these artists put their ideas to sound and do it in such a beautiful way.” - Mayor of Phoenix, Greg Stanton.

Mayor Greg Stanton and Justus Samuel

This year we are celebrating the 2nd annual Hip Hop Day in Arizona. Thanks to the support of Greg Stanton and Downtown Phoenix Inc., JustUs Samuel of Respect The Underground was able to petition hip hop to be a recognized holiday in Arizona.

Because of the support from the city of Phoenix, the Arizona Hip Hop Festival was able to donate over 5,000 tickets to local community centers and high schools focused on kids. These tickets are used as an incentive for the students to have perfect attendance. Once perfect attendance is established by the student, they will recieve two free tickets to the Arizona Hip Hop Festival.

Founder and CEO of the Arizona Hip

Hop Festival standing with Phoenix Mayor

Greg Stanton.

Hip Hop Day has inspired artists of all kinds to come together to celebrate the culture of Arizona hip hop’s music scene. As the community continues to grow every year, more and more artists are participating in their own craft to showcase at the annual Arizona Hip Hop Festival.

“The Arizona Hip Hop Festival platform was always designed to support the state and its active practiioners. It is a tool to cultivate the culture and grow it exponentionally.” - JustUs Samuel, Founder of Arizona Hip Hop Festival and Respect The Underground.


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