Don't miss The Arizona Hip Hop Festival's Artwalk.
Every year some of the best visual artists in Arizona showcase, sell and paint at The Arizona Hip Hop Festival. 

"Antoinette Cauley’s major muse is music, rap music in particular. The Phoenix, Arizona painter uses music to consciously explore personal, social and racial struggles in an attempt to engage her audience in conversations about these hard to tackle issues. Cauley ties childhood traumas that lead to the feelings of growing up too fast to the unconventional portraits of young girls portraying famous rap personas. By using the grisaille painting technique, she achieves enamoring portraitures with a strong depth of field. Antoinette is also a big advocate for giving back to the community, she can be found teaching painting and art theory to the youth during her free time."

Meet Our Art Curator

Antoinette Cauly


About The Artwalk

Art and Hip Hop go hand in hand. So, it only makes sense that each year the Arizona Hip Hop Fest features some of the most talented artists from around the valley. Artists of all career levels are able to share their gift of creation with the masses.


The Art Walk at the Hip Hop Festival takes place in the large walkway when you first enter into the main stage area. Art work will be displayed for the entire duration of the festival. 


You can expect to see artists of all ages, races, genders and genres painting/ creating live while displaying their masterpieces for you to see. It is truly a visually stimulating experience with a little bit of something for everyone!


All artists are hand chosen by curator and award winning artist, Antoinette Cauley.

Artist Banding Hendrix at 2015 AZHHF Artwalk